People often think of a "legacy" in terms of money or property left in a will, or passed down through generations. But your legacy can also be a measure of your impact on other people: how they think, what they say, and what they do as a result of having known you. 

With legacy thinking, you "start with the end in mind."

You identify the long-term impact you'd like to make, and then assess the changes that you need to put in place to reach that point.

Mind Tools

This one is huge and one of the most essential elements to a marriage fuelled with purpose-driven intentionality and vision. A marriage that is fuelled with a dream to create a legacy is a powerful way to mitigate the risk of falling into a pattern of routine and 'habit' in the relationship. Don't get me wrong - routine is a key ingredient when it comes to structure in the home especially when it comes to doing life with little (and then bigger) humans. The kind of routine I'm talking about is the kind that feels more like the days are on auto-pilot. 

The majority of us didn't get taught how to think and dream BIG like this. Before we know it - life races away and we find ourselves asking some hard questions when we realise we aren't where we expected to be years down the track. 

Using targeted questions drawnfrom Tony Stoltzfus' work in Life Coaching and Destiny Discovery, creating a legacy map will bring to the surface your design (innate traits), experience (your learned skills and other life-assets), destiny (the future you are innately designed for and prepared for by your experiences, passion (internal energy), calling (an external commission recognised to serve a greater good) - and fulfilment (an enduring sense of joy and satisfaction from living out your life with purpose and meaning).

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